Price List for all Our Services does NOT charge any commission to the buyer or seller in the event of a successful sale.

Selling Domain Names Pricing
Domain Name Sale - A sale originating on, where buyer finds your domain and purchases it. FREE
Escrow Transactions - service fee (0.89% to 3.25%) is deducted from seller's final proceedings. Fee Calculator
Transaction Privacy - We do not charge buyer or seller anything to keep the domain transactions private. FREE
Domain Appraisals - To estimate how much the listed domains are worth, every domain is valuated. FREE

All other services are also provided free of charges at DomHub Marketplace.

Service Type Pricing
DomHub Account - There is never a fee for creating an account or adding domains to that account. FREE
Buy Domain Names - Domain purchases include escrow services from at no extra charges. NO EXTRA COSTS
Domain Name Parking - Parked domains sell faster at DomHub Marketplace. So this is provided free of charge. FREE

Selling on DomHub Marketplace

We do not charge any commission when domain names get sold through our site. However the service fee is deducted from seller's final proceedings.

Sale Price Our Commission Transaction Privacy Fee You Get
$250 $0 $0 $25.00 $225.00
$1,000 $0 $0 $32.50 $967.50
$5,000 $0 $0 $162.50 $4,837.50
$10,000 $0 $0 $175.50 $9,824.50
$25,000 $0 $0 $214.50 $24,785.50 fee can be calculated through
Additional service fee is charged by for Premier Service payment methods of Credit Card and PayPal.
Transactions with a Buyer outside the United States will be charged an additional $25 to cover any intermediary bank fees.

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