Will I make money parking at DomHub?

No, we do not indulge in monetization through domain parking. Our primary concern is to get your domain sold. So we forward all traffic directly to the sales page, resulting in quicker sale of your domains.

Domain Name Parking

Park your domain names at DomHub by changing your domain's name servers to:


Advantages of Parking at DomHub Marketplace

  1. We check ownership of the domain name before it gets listed at DomHub. This is quickest way to confirm your domain's ownership.
  2. Parked domains sell faster at DomHub Marketplace, as visitors to your domains are redirected directly to the domain sale page.
  3. Detailed traffic statistics is logged for all parked domains, and get a chance to feature on the High Traffic Domains category.

Simply visit your domain registrar and change your domain's name servers to:


Please contact us for any queries regarding our Domain Name Parking service.

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