Domain Listing Guideline

DomHub Marketplace supports three domain listing types:

  1. Buy Now - Your domain will sell for a fixed price set by you. Potential buyers cannot send any other offers for the domain. Example:
  2. Make Offer - Potential buyers can only send you offers for the domain. You can then accept, reject or counter their offer. Example:
  3. Buy / Offer - Best of Buy Now & Make Offer. Domain can sell for fixed price and also receive offers from potential buyers. Example:
We highly recommend you to use Buy/Offer listing, as this has the highest sell-through rate.
Comparison of Listing Types Buy Now Make Offer Buy / Offer
Asking Price / Sale Price Required Optional Required
Minimum Offer / Reserve Price Not Required Optional Optional
Can buyer purchase the domain instantly? yes no yes
Can buyer send an offer for the domain name? no yes yes
Is my domain eligible to get listed into the Top Domains section? yes no yes

Only .com domains are showcased in the top domains section

Things to remember:

Please contact us if you have any doubts regarding our listing types.

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