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  Age Valuation Asking Profit Action
Watchlistmoldy.com18 yrs$19,000$12,000$7,000Buy Now$8,700$350$8,350Buy Now
Watchlistkhari.com17 yrs$10,000$1,999$8,001Buy Now
Watchlistbuffetrestaurant.com14 yrs$7,400$1,300$6,100Buy Now
Watchlistickythump.com7 yrs$14,000$5,000$9,000Buy Now

High Value Domains Valuation Asking Action$20,000$20,000Make Offer$84,000$90,000Make Offer$20,000$50,000Buy Now$21,000$18,500Buy Now$27,000$470Buy Now
Tiny Domains Valuation Asking Action$650$14,000Make Offer$330$3,000Buy Now$81,000$80,000Make Offer$760$395Buy Now$460$750Buy Now

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